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All Systems Sold By D&L Electrical and Air have a 5 Year Full Manufacturer’s Warranty.
Installations conducted by D&L Electrical and air have a 12 Month Warranty on Workmanship, this can be extended up to 10 years from the installation date, by employing D&L Electrical and Air to carry out a Service on the Air Conditioning system once in every 12 Month period.

Important information on Warranty

– Warranty will be voided by the manufacturer if the system is not installed by a fully licensed and qualified trade’s person or not installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Under these circumstances, any service repair costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

D&L Electrical and Air can help guide you if a warranty issue arises. Firstly though the client needs to contact the manufacturer. The number for each manufacturer will be on the warranty form which came with the system purchased. When placing a warranty claim you will need to provide proof of purchase (your tax invoice).

Please find Airconditioning Manufacturer’s details below

Daikin Australia:
Customer Service – 1300 362 438
Domestic Systems – 5 Year Warranty
Commercial Systems – 12 / 36 Month Warranty

Samsung Customer Service Contact Center – 1300 362 603

ActronAir Air Conditioning:
ActronAir Support – 1300 522 722