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Pre-season preparation

Pre-season preparation

Here in Perth we are known for long hot Summer's. Regular maintenance and servicing will ensure your unit is working at peak efficiency when you need it most. No one wants to be left without cooling in Summer.
Servicing your unit before Summer hits is also a great way to maximise the life of the unit. Filters clogged up with dirt and dust can cut efficiency by up to 15%, increase noise, increase operating costs and reduce the life of the air conditioner as it is working harder to achieve air flow.

There are some checks you can do yourself to ensure your aircon is ready for Summer.
• Clean the outdoor unit. Ducted Air conditioners will have an outdoor unit. Over time, debris such as leaves, weeds will grow around it and airflow will be obstructed. Dust and other finer debris will most likely be on the cover as well so it will help to clean the area to improve the air flow.
• Clean the vents. Dirty vents can also make it hard for your air conditioner to do its job. Vacuum or wash the vents throughout the house to maintain good air quality.
• Change the Air Filters. The Filters in Split System Air conditioners can easily be cleaned and will ensure clean indoor air is being circulated.
• Have it serviced by a Professional. Here at D & L Electrical we can diagnose any malfunctions and inefficiencies that you may not notice on your own.


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