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A/C Servicing

A/C Servicing

Regular servicing can allow our technicians to identify any potential problems before they cause serious damage.


D&L Electrical and Air provide priority service for our customers who have an annual maintenance or service agreement. Preventative maintenance will also ensure that your system runs as efficiently as possible.

A General Service Includes the Following:

Return air filter & indoor unit facia cleaning.
Refrigerant gas level checks & Suction superheat inspection.
Refrigerant pressure checks.
Indoor and outdoor unit air temperature differential logging.
Electrical inspection of circuit components & tightening of wiring terminals.
Surface cleaning of the internal and external heat transfer coil.
Fan motor bearing inspection.
Operational & function checks.
Control strategy inspection and timer settings.
Inspection of condensate trays, drains and “P” traps.
Inspection of housing, pipework and insulation for corrosion and wear.
Inspect Capacitors.
Inspection of zone control systems and ductwork.
Inspect Compressors.
Dilapidation Report.

A General Service Includes the Following:

Check for abnormal noises and vibration.
Observe overall operations of the system.
Clean sumps, pump inlet strainer and pump filters
Clean fan cowling and fan blades
Check cooling pads, dropper and ductwork
Check electrical box and terminals.
Check operation of controller
Check casing fixtures and dropper mount
Check all belts, set re-align and re-tension

Our technician will inspect the unit and perform a variety of fault finding tests to diagnose the issue. Every effort will be made to fix/repair the issue on the spot however if this isn’t possible we will then provide you with another quote to repair the unit, this will include any spare parts required.


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