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Top 5 Tips for Electrical Safety in your home.

  1. Replace or Repair damaged cords. We are all guilty of using appliances when the cord has been damaged. Damaged cords can cause fire or even electrocution. If you have any cords that are frayed, pinched or exposed, be sure to replace them straight away.
  2. Install Additional Outlets in your home. Extension cords are convenient but not necessarily the safest option. A better option is installing and additional electrical outlet.
  3. Don’t overload outlets. Have you tripped a circuit breaker for having too many appliances at once? This can often cause an electrical fire and damage your appliances. Ensuring only one high-wattage appliance is used per outlet is the safest option.
  4. Ensure there is adequate ventilation. Check your appliances and make sure there is enough space around the appliances that generate heat.
  5. Call an Electrician if Something doesn’t seem right. Warm outlets, frequent problems with blown fuses, tripping circuits or flickering and dimming lights are all signs of an underlying issue.



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