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Hello Esperance Community,
We would like to advise you that Scott Stinson is no longer employed by D&L Electrical and Air. There have been reports that Scott has still been using our name to operate under, if you have been approached by Scott, please contact our office urgently as he is no longer affiliated with us, and we cannot guarantee any work he undertakes. If you would like D&L Electrical and Air to perform work for you please call our office directly on 08 6118 0910

D&L Electrical and Air Esperance

D&L Electrical and Air came about as a natural progression from our building company D&L Building Services. We saw  the need to complement our high building services standards with the highest standards in electrical work, air-conditioning, installation and maintenance programs. 
Our team of licensed electricians and refrigeration mechanics have the experience, knowledge and reliability to ensure  our clients receive the service and products we all expect. With support from companies like ActronAir, Daikin, Samsung, and Panasonic, our air-conditioning services are second to none. 
The entire D&L Electrical and Air team are available to complete your project safely, to the highest possible standards, with a loyal commitment to ensuring client satisfaction. 
Our company provides a full spectrum of work for any level of complexity. We have gained extensive experience, which allows us to provide you with the best service.



We sell and Install the Best Air Conditioning Brands. We install all types of A/C systems from split systems to Ducted Systems, Residential to Commercial

Diagnosis and Repair

If your A/C Unit is not working, our fully qualified staff is able to diagnose and repair any issues.

We are Warranty agents for ActronAir in the South East Region of Western Australia


Keeping your A/C Serviced annually improves the efficiency and life expectancy of the system. By keeping the system regularly serviced you can save money on electricity costs.


Our Fully Qualified Electricians are capable of tackling all types of electrical work. Commercial to Residential, Fit outs, to fault detection, we cover it all.

The D&L Difference

At D&L Electrical and Air, we pride ourselves on providing the best Customer Service in Esperance. We aim to make our customers, repeat customers through our friendly service and expertise.

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Savings that pay for themselves
The energy savings in an ESP Platinum system can make a huge difference, delivering performance that is up to 75% more efficient than conventional fixed speed air conditioners, which over 5 years would save up to $4,500 on your electricity costs for cooling alone.
Energy Smart Zoning
When you leave a room you turn off the light to save electricity, right? With Energy Smart Zoning, you can do exactly the same thing. Your house can be split into different zones, right down to a single room.
Variable Fan Technology
With Variable Fan Technology, ESP Platinum can adjust its airflow so that it operates right down to 20% of total airflow capacity, delivering just the right amount of conditioned air to the zones you want it to.


What’s an Inverter, and what’s a Tru-Inverter?
Unlike conventional inverter compressors, which use ‘step, rest and stop’ cycles that cause the temperatures to jump up and down each step, the Tru-Inverter is vastly more precise, getting to the desired temperature faster, smoother, and maintaining it to within +/- 0.3°C at the sensor location – that means more comfort, and a more comfortable electricity bill.
Why choose a Tru-Inverter?
Tru-Inverter can operate down to 20% of capacity for improved efficiency, as opposed to conventional inverters which can only operate down to 40% of capacity. Not only that, it can also heat and cool your home a phenomenal 5 times faster than conventional inverter systems.
Why ‘capacity’ can be an ‘air con’ job 
Some other systems might claim a high capacity but in reality can only reach it for short bursts before they have to slow down for a breather, which is no good on a 40°C day. ESP Platinum has TruMax functionality that allows it to run at top capacity day and night.


Different temperatures in different rooms at the same time
QUE provides you the ultimate in zone control, allowing you set different temperatures in different zones, all at the same time.
Controlling comfort and energy
Different areas of the home have different temperature loads at different times of the day. With sensors in each zone, QUE ensures the set temperature is maintained across the home and rooms are not over conditioned, further minimising energy usage.

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